AFC East: Winners & Losers


Bills - Loss

By the way, the Buffalo Bills have handled their offseason I would say they are looking for a fresh start. Not necessarily a rebuilding stage as they didn’t unload everyone, but a fair amount of guys are gone from both sides of the ball. They will be trying to get guys through the draft, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they make a trade for someone on draft day. I think they should have signed more guys this season because they're a playoff team and they need to figure out their puzzle.

Dolphins - Loss

The Dolphins I think had lost their offseason when they initially traded away Jay Ajayi. The team then proceeded to trade away Jarvis Landry to the Cleveland Browns. I think they are in a rebuilding stage and need to fix a lot of things. I think they need to draft a QB because the ones they have aren't the best for the team. On the Defensive side, they are gaining Robert Quinn which I'm excited to see. I think the Dolphins need a lot of work.

Patriots - Win

The Patriots are the Patriots, and I think every offseason they are doing the right thing. They go through athletes like a draft every season. On the offensive side, I think if Tom Brady is there then they have already won the offseason. On defense, I think they need help because they were one of the worst of throughout the season.

Jets - Win

The Jets are in the rebuilding stage, and I think if they find the right QB they can then proceed. If they get their O-Line right as well, I think they will start to see progress. The Jets defense has been on the rise for the past few years, and I think if they draft right then they will be on the right path in a few years.

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