Are this year's rookies the answer? 

Every season, rookies are scouted to be the best in class or a sleeper pick in the draft. Every season, there are rookies who show up and make an immediate impact and some who take up space on a roster. This year is no different about rookies that should or should not be playing. Examples are Deshaun Watson, Mitchell Trubisky, Kareem Hunt and others. All of these players have shown something that separates them from others. Some people say they need to wait until it's their time to play and some say the opposite. If you see that rookie can play immediately and make an impact, don't hold your team back by not playing him. Some rookies are the answer, and some are not. The ones currently on my list are all playmakers.

The first rookie is Deshaun Watson and the impact that he has made for his team. First of all, I don't know why he didn't begin the season as a starter. A complete mistake by the coaching staff. Deshaun Watson gives the Texans an added advantage by being a dual-threat quarterback. When Tom Savage was playing, you couldn't see any excitement or explosiveness from the offense. Watson has been electric since the second half of the first game. He has gotten better every week. I feel like he might have a season like Dak did last year with the Cowboys. Watson was a rookie who should have been a day 1 starter because of what he brings.

Kareem Hunt is just a beast out on the field. He is playing due to injury. I don't like to see players injured, but I am glad he is getting this opportunity to play because he is showcasing himself to be RB1 for years to follow. He has the power to run through defenders, and he has the speed to run away from the defense. With Hunt's ability to catch the ball, he is able to stay on the field on 3rd down and becomes a threat out of the backfield. This forces the defensive coordinator to prepare extra time for that skill set. Kareem Hunt is an all-around back who will be in the Top 10 or even Top 5 this season. I look forward to seeing him play even more this year.

Mitchell Trubisky is a different case than any of these other guys. He has just now been named the starter for the Chicago Bears. I personally wrote about him and didn't think his accuracy and throwing ability was worth a second pick in the draft, but I own up to me being wrong. From what we have seen from the Pre-season, he can make all of the throws and put the ball on the money. Yes, this was against 3rd string players, but Trubisky balled like it was the first team. I am really excited to see him play and see where he can take Chicago. I believe if you draft around this kid with offensive linemen and more WR's everything will work itself out. Do not cut your Head Coach or Coordinator because they need time to fully gel.

Overall, all of these rookies are something special to watch this season. They will shine bright and show the league that rookies can play and they're here to stay.

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