Can Isaiah Thomas be long term Laker?

As a Lakers fan, I think Isaiah Thomas makes the Lakers better through the energy he brings. Since he has come back from the hip injury, he has lost a step, but he hasn’t had much game or practice time. I think once Isaiah fully gets his legs under him, he will be able to be the guy that he was in Boston. What I am hoping for is that he and Lonzo end up working out perfect together because this could be the start of something big. Maybe getting a PG in the offseason and creating something in LA that has been missing for a few seasons. IT could be precisely what the Lakers ordered, but will he still be around to see it happen. 

The few games that he has played in he has brought high energy to the court off the bench. Somebody tweeted me and told me his stats for the games, and I told him I'd take the team winning over him playing well. Then I thought, push if he plays better, we could win some games and make that playoff. IT brings experience to the young Lakers team that they need. The leadership he brings is going to be great for the team. He can help mold Lonzo into a better guard than he is now and I think the whole team would approve. Can IT be the catalyst the Lakers need?

The big thing with IT is the contract situation that he wants. That was a big reason why I think Boston let him go. Which I thought was bogus and all that he did for them, but that’s another blog. Isaiah just turned 30 and has been in the league since 2011, which means he has miles on him. Him wanting that 200 mil contract probably will not happen just because of his age and the recent injuries. I think LA could give him some of what he wants and sign another star to bring the team together. It will be an interesting offseason for the LA Lakers.

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