Can Jimmy Garoppolo give hope the 49er faithful?

Can Jimmy Garoppolo give hope the 49er faithful? By Randall Cooper

With half of San Francisco 49ers' season done, how will the rest of the season go with a new QB? Jimmy G, seems like a good quarterback based on the few games we have seen in New England. The little details we do know about this guy let us know he is a winner. Being a part of the Patriots organization, you learn how to really conduct yourself as a pro. With Tom Brady as a mentor, I'm pretty sure Jimmy has learned a thing or 2. He will need to take command of this offense and show them that they can win and bring them back to the winning lifestyle.

With Garoppolo at the reigns, we now try to figure out how to build around him. He has a talented running back on Carlos Hyde. Who is great in fantasy and might be even better now. Wide receiver-wise, he could be doing better. In the off-season, the 49ers have to be smart with draft picks and signing veterans. They need to see which WR is going to be the go-to guy. Last but not least, he needs protection! If you can make sure he stays off his back for this season and seasons to come, then they should have a chance. Rebuilding this team won't be easy, but I believe it can be done.

Let's jump into next season because Patriot backups are known for not being good. It's like once you leave the Patriots everything goes away. I don't know what it is, but I think this will not be the case with Jimmy Garoppolo. I believe he is better than those other QB's that have backed up Brady before.

As we looked at how this trade will affect the 49ers, we also need to take a look at how this affects the Patriots. When the Patriots traded Brisset, they knew they had another good QB in Jimmy. When the Brisset trade occurred, it only left Brady and Garoppolo. Just like everyone else we expected once Brady retired that Jimmy would take over. That is not the case anymore, and I don't know where the Patriots go from here. They don't normally draft quarterbacks high. When drafting late, the Patriots normally find a gem that could be the next best. San Francisco benefits from this deal in almost the best way possible. On the other hand, the Patriots may be looking from the outside in for their next quarterback.

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