Cleveland Browns Killer offseason

The Cleveland Browns are making moves this offseason, and I think they've done it the best so far. Big things are coming from this team, and I have said that before. Their defense has been on the rise, and as they say, defense wins championships. I also said that if their offense could get right, they could win at least four games. Now with their offseason acquisitions, they could be a playoff team.

The first addition in Jarvis Landry had me excited because he brings a lot of juice to the field and is always looking to dominate. After this, I was trying to figure out who is going to throw him the ball and then they signed somebody who could.

Tyrod Taylor coming over from the Buffalo Bills takes them from winning 0 games to a playoff-bound team. He isn't the prototypical QB, but he has the arm, and he has the legs to give him added ability. Then I thought ok but what about the protection and who is going to protect him.

Come to find out Joe Thomas loves Taylor and with him recovering from an injury I think he will retire and so we will see how this works out. They have also signed a few other players that will help protect Tyrod. Then that got me thinking about who is going to run the ball.

Of course, my first thought was the first pick in the draft and getting Barkley. That should be automatic for them, and if they don’t pull the trigger on him, they will regret it. So, on top of this pick, they sign Carlos Hyde who was the leading back in San Fran this past season gives them a two-headed backfield. I think this is good for the browns because it provides them firepower on the outside at WR, a QB, protection on the OL and somebody to run the ball.

The process might be a two-year project, and I'm looking to see a turnaround like the LA Rams. I hope, and I am betting that they will, but at the same time I don’t want to be that high on the horse because this is a long process. I'm In this for the long run, can't wait.

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