DeAndre Jordan Trade prospects

To start off, I would like to say that if DeAndre Jordan gets traded, it would not be a big surprise to me. The Clippers have been off-loading players, and it seems as if they're in the market to gain a significant time free agent. For them, I don’t see why they're dropping valuable assets. First with Blake Griffin, and I think DeAndre Jordan could be next and again that would not be surprising. Jordan has been playing good ball and now has to take on more responsibility in my eyes. Jordan needs to become the leader of their defense and overall team. He will then have to distribute the ball and score more. The change in scoring and facilitating has to be an essential conversation if they want to make the playoffs. Only time will tell the fate of DJ.

With the trade deadline coming up there are a few teams that are in the hunt to possibly make something happen. I think the first team is the Cleveland Cavilers. The second team would be the Houston Rockets. Both of these teams can use his experience, which could put them over the Playoff hump. Here's my reasoning: 

Team 1: Cleveland. 

I think this would be a good fit especially since K. Love is out and Tristian Thompson is eating 82mill. I think he has more value than Thompson and could indeed be the rim protector they need. Thus, causing their defensive number to look better. 

Team 2: Houston.

This team is "iffy" to me because Houston has a younger version of Jordan in Capella and he has been playing good ball. For Houston, would you want to lose the chemistry? On the flip side of the that, Jordan brings in a lot of experience that can get them over the hump in the Playoffs.

I believe these are the two teams that can give some value back in return for Jordan. Yes, every team can provide value, but that might be in picks or players who aren't top tier players. Clippers will either benefit from these trades or continue to fall flat. 

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