Jonathan Stewart Cut by Panthers

As the National Football League prototype running backs are beginning to change, there was a major change recently. Running Back Jonathan Stewart has been cut by the Carolina Panthers and for the first time test the free agency market to find a new home. For me, this move makes sense because bigger backs like Stewart are starting to get phased out and only being used in short-yardage situations. Teams are always trying to get younger and better in any form or fashion, and this move was it. 
The Carolina drafted rookie Christian McCaffrey, who is now the league's prototype running back. He can catch the ball out the backfield and still run the ball in between the tackles efficiently. This move makes the Carolina team fully versatile and that allows him to be on the field every down. With him being on the field every down, that will make it harder for defensive coordinators to scheme. 
I think McCaffrey will be a lot better for Cam and the offense as a whole. He is more dynamic than Stewart was and that will allow the offense to a lot more. Again this doesn’t make the offense as predictable because Christian McCaffrey can run in between the tackles and hit that edge in a heartbeat.
I am not downing anything that Stewart has done in his career. Don’t get me wrong he was a good number 1 for a while, but his time has gone down. My next thought is if he will sign with another team and how will he adapt to a different system or playing style. Will he retire? Only time will tell.  

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