Legion of Boom or Legion of Done?

As the off-season is indeed upon us and football life is starting to come back to life, I can say I am super excited about it. For me, as a Seahawks fan, I have so many questions to ask and so many need to be answered. I want to REALLY to know about defense and even more curious about the Legion of Boom. As the years have gone on, they haven't been their top selves. There is always something going on with contracts and injuries. I just need a healthy LOB that can play together for a long time. 
My big questions are how the LOB will do this season? Liked I talked about earlier, the injuries to Richard Sherman, and Kam Chancellor are huge. Those two are prominent leaders in our defense, and we need them to be back on the field. Don’t give me the age BS, because both of them can still perform at a high level. They still produce at a high level and carry that team as a whole. Without them, Seattle Struggles as a whole. 
For Kam, I think it could be more challenging to come back from because of the type of injury he had. Having neck surgery and then trying to play Safety is hard. By protecting himself, he could not play football again and preserve his body. As a former player, i did the same thing in college when I tore 2 ligaments in my shoulder. Not a neck injury or at the highest level, but just the mental and physical aspect is difficult to return from. I have a feeling that he is going to try and play football again but I don’t know if he will ever play again because of the injury. I hope Kam for the best and if that is sitting out then I am A-OK with that. If Kam comes back then I'm ready to see how he responds this season. 
On the other side is Richard Sherman tore his Achilles, and that is a much more comfortable injury to recover from, and I think he will be ok by the start of the season. With him, it could be age and wondering if he can play just that one side of the field or even follow a WR around again. Sherman is back and i think he will continue to make an impact. The Seahawks will probably draft another corner for Sherman to groom. 
I didn’t mention the other LOB member in Earl Thomas because he is looking for a new contract, which could have him on a hold out if he doesn’t get a new one. I also wonder if he will be traded or let go because of the whole Dallas Cowboys thing. We will have to see about him in the long run. There are a lot of questions concerning him, but i don't think he will be leaving anytime soon. 
As father time could be catching up the LOB members, I wonder if it is time to draft young players for replacement in the next 2-3 years. It sucks as a Seahawks fan and LOB fan, and as much as I want them to stay, I know this game can't be played forever. Somebody let me know if it is time to retire the LOB squad. 

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