T.O. Now Hall of Famer

The NFL Hall of Fame is a goal that every young football player wants to obtain besides winning the Super Bowl. The goal to make it there solidifies your name as one of the best all time. During their time, it was easier for some players to get in. For others, they had to wait longer for other reasons. This year's Hall of Fame class is a great one, well for the period that I remember. What this class brings, is an athlete who stuck out like a sore thumb. Terrell Owns, that one person. Everything happens for a reason, and we all know why he wasn’t in sooner. How about we see why this man is going into the HOF.

Career Receiving Yards: 
2nd All-Time: 15,934 yds

Career Touchdowns:
3rd All-Time: 153 

With numbers like those, it gets people thinking, why did it take three years for him to get in the Hall of Fame? If T.O. is second or third to the greatest of all time (Jerry Rice), then he should have been a 1st ballot HOF in 2015. The only other guy he is competing with is Randy Moss, and he is going in this year with him! 

If you can tell me 3 GOOD reasons why he shouldn’t have been a first ballot, please be my guest. The voters for the HOF were holding grudges for things that happened off the field. If this were the case a lot of players would either have to wait or have already done their time to wait. The voting should be based on what happens on the field and not off. Overall I'm happy that T.O. is finally in!

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