The Exit of Richard Sherman

Seattle lost a great corner and yes I do mean great. Let me explain. Since 2011 he has been the best corner and here's why.

32 Interceptions, 99 Pass DEF, 47.4 Comp % allowed, 50.9 Pass RTG allowed.

These numbers Rank Sherman number 1 in each category, and that is why I am so upset that he got released. Seattle didn’t get anything in return for him. GM John Schneider did a horrible job in either trading him for draft picks or another body to replace. If you release one of the best corners in the league for nothing in return, you just bit yourself in the ass. Now I can only imagine what is next for the Seahawks for in the coming years.

Turning even more attention over to Sherman, he says he is going to want vengeance against Seattle. Honestly, I don’t blame him at all; I would feel the same. Seattle did him wrong and I know it's just business but man that was a bad business deal. He gets to play Seattle 2 times during the regular season, and I am pumped to see this matchup. As a Seahawks fan this is going to suck seeing him in another uniform, but being realistic the 49ers are right now the better team. 49ers might have the Seahawks number this year. All I have to say is, the Seattle fan base has been ridiculous since Friday.

These people are crazy for burning this man's Jersey because he plays for a rival team. He didn’t want to leave; he got released. Realize the difference because blaming a man for that is BS and people need to get over themselves. Harsh, but so what, he got released by Seattle, and that is that.

Seattle has some real work coming for them during Free Agency and the draft. If they do not make up for the fact that they are missing one of the best corners in the league, they will not play well at all. Honestly, I don’t know what to say about the Seahawks and the moves that they have made so far. They haven't been the same since they lost to the Patriots in the Superbowl. Let that sink in and let me know your thoughts.

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