What if Russell Westbrook never wins a championship?

As Russell Westbrook continues to make history and play like his hair is on fire, I begin to think long term. I start to wonder, what if he never wins a championship? Would he be a Hall of Famer because of his legacy? He is playing phenomenally and just outright beastly! If Russ never wins a Championship that's fine with me because he has and will continue to put on a show. Since I play Fantasy Football, I am always looking for his stats and seeing what freakish numbers he put up. 

His current team gives him the best chance RIGHT NOW to win a Championship. My question is, how long does this last? I say this because Paul George could be on his way to play for the Lakers after the season, and who knows what Carmelo Anthony will do. I think this may be the season they will re-challenge the Warriors, but will ultimately fall short. I believe Golden State has too much firepower. 

As a Lakers fan, I am hoping that PG13 comes to the Lakers, but as a sports fan, if this OKC team can continue to put it together, it will be hard not to root for them. The supporting cast they have around them put together enough talent to give these guys a break. A small comparison to Golden State in how they are able to not play every stay at the same time and still get results. The bench is able to come in and play with 1 or 2 stars and always be good. That is when you know you have a complete team. I'm predicting this team will meet in the Western Conference Finals and battle it out with Golden State! 

WOO! I feel the blood pumping already, and we're 2 weeks into the season! Y'all ready? Let's get it! 

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