What will be left of NCAA Basketball

For years, college basketball has always had some type of speculation going on about recruits and what goes on behind the scenes. You begin to question how does this kid have this and that. These assistant coaching jobs are to recruit and get the best players, and sometimes recruiting has nothing to do with basketball. Some athletes go into recruiting looking for more than just a scholarship. We have seen this in the past with former Heisman trophy winner, Reggie Bush, for one example. Some of these young men don’t come from ideal living situations and sometimes rely on these additional offerings. These players know the NCAA rules about receiving extra gifts, but that’s never stopped anything.

These coaches are now running around saying I didn't know, I didn't know doesn't sound too believable. You might not be there first hand to see what is happening, but giving the assistant the go-ahead to provide the athlete with whatever they want is precisely the problem. The problem now not only lies with the coaching staff but on the players as well. The players involved in receiving gifts and taking money and cars should be reprimanded. Suspend the players for half of the season, because there is no reason this should only fall on the coaches. Everybody needs to be held accountable for the acts in whatever scandal this will be called.

This will now leak into the rest of the college sports world and mainly college football. All of the top priority athletes that come from "nothing" show up in luxury cars. College football head coaches need to make sure their staff is clean before they never coach again. In a situation like this, for any sport, your job comes before anything else. The university pays a lot for good coaches and gives free education to good players. Something needs to change, and change will come. I guarantee that in the coming year's everything will be cracked down on and legit, so nothing like this happens again. Head coaches need to keep a better eye on their assistant coaches during overnight visits. Beware, because Rick Patino and his program is subject 1 and will be made as an example.

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